New Here?



Hello and welcome to our church website, it’s always a real joy for us to meet and welcome new people. Here you will find useful information about who we are, where we are located, and next steps. Our mission is to lead people to find life in Jesus. Please join us sometime and don’t forget to say hi when you come.

Whatever that next step is, it’s time to take it by faith out of your comfort zone and discover what God has in store for you. We believe that you can’t go with God and stay where you are.  He will love you, help you and guide you.   Please let us know how we can better serve you.


 Call:  954-803-1388



We have two worship service experiences:

First service starts at 9:45 am  

LIFEGROUPS:  At 11:00 am, we break out into smaller groups  to  get to know each other, pray for one another, study together and plan serving opportunities and times to “play” together.

Second service starts at 12:00 pm


During this time we learn together through live music and biblical teaching on a topic that will be helpful & life changing.  Expect simplicity but we also pray for this time to be a blessing and that you have fun too. Our services range from  about 1 hour to 1hour and 15 minutes

Children’s Church times are 9:45 am – groups for kids at 11:00 am and 12:00 pm respectively


Plan to stay and eat with us after service on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month!

Is there a dress code?

NO!  You can “dress up” if you want, or wear casual clothes. God is interested in your heart, not your wardrobe. People in our church wear jeans, suits or business casual.  What should you wear? Whatever is comfortable for you.

A diverse congregation:

Teens, twenty something, forties and the young at heart… Singles, young families and retired.  Black, Asian, Hispanics, @ caucasian all are beautiful in God’s sight!
However, do expect a “youthful – modern” feel to the service.


We have an exciting Children’s ministry “LIFEKIDS”  where your kids will be taught the Bible in age- appropriate fun classes. Our goal is to make  Saturday the best day of the week for your kids.

Children’s Church: It is a safe and age appropriate children’s program that happens parallel to our adult service every Saturday.  We have  children’s church at 9:45 am, groups study for kids at 11:00 am and 2nd service children’s church at 12:00 pm

When you arrive, there will be a check-in table inside the “FELLOWSHIP HALL” FOYER.

1. Get your kids checked in and get a matching bracelet

2. Get your kids in the Fellowship Hall  

3. Pick your kids at children’s church immediately after the service (only person with the matching bracelet can pick up their kid – no exceptions.)

Faith Common Questions

Asking questions is a great way to explore.  God is not  offended when we wrestle with faith questions.

Is God real?    Who is God?  Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing?  What happens when we die?

Find some answers and what we believe by clicking HERE!


Simply put, baptism is an outward display and celebration of your inward decision to trust Christ with your eternity. It’s an act of obedience, a step of acknowledgement that is representative of the fact that Jesus died on the cross, was buried and walked out of the grave, alive, so each of us can have eternal life.

When you step into the water, you are letting the world know that you have walked into a new life of faith in Jesus Christ and that you are committing to follow him down a new path. If you’ve made the decision to follow Jesus, baptism is the next step in your spiritual journey.


We’re so glad you’ve decided to visit us!   Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call at 754-333-2215

How do I get there?

We rent a church facility at: 10021 W. Sample Rd. Coral Springs, Fl. 33065

There are two services:


1st service:  9:45 am

LIFEGROUPS:  11:00 am We break out into groups and take time to get to know each other, pray for each other, study together and plan serving opportunities and time to play together.

2nd service:  12:00 am 

Where should I park?

Please find the closest available parking spot.  Please head towards main entrance and our greeting team will guide you from there!


Do you want to know about next steps?

Join us  @ NEXT !

Sign up for a casual conversation about our vision, your next steps @ Life and how you can connect through different ministries.
Every 2nd Saturday of the month at 11:15 am, right before 2nd service.